Yugen VF2 Review

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Here’s some background about the brand, Yūgen:

‘Federico Ponsa created Yūgen surfboards and started building 100% custom boards for surfers combining all my knowledge in design, computers, and manufacturing to give them exactly the board that they wanted.

Yugen to me is what surfing is all about, the potentiality of the journey, the mysteriousness and deepness of the surfboard design and all of its details, how it will go on the waves is a feeling that only you can experience.’

Very fun and versatile fun – Yugen’s VF2 | BlinkSurf

VF2’s bottom with the two rear fins close together | BlinkSurf

Yugen’s VF2’s rounder nose for a more stable front-foot position. | BlinkSurf

Yugen VF2 with Futures | BlinkSurf

VF2 with Firewire Quads | BlinkSurf

VF2 with Christenson keel fins | BlinkSurf

What our BlinkSurf rider says about the VF2:

Rider’s profile:
– Age: 47
– Height: 6’2″
– Weight: 94 kg. (207 lbs)
– Fitness: Surfs daily
– Ability: Intermediate

Yugen with Futures EN twin fin – highly recommended for speed and fun | BlinkSurf

Codenamed VF2 because it is both very fast and versatile fun. It’s built for an average surfer like me. I’m tall and heavy so I wanted a rounder nose to get a more stable front foot position. This also makes the rails quite straight so it is fast. The not too pinny round tail gives me a nice step-up steady feel bit with speed. The quad setup is for control. I wanted the rear fins a little closer together. I tried it with JJF and HS quads.

This model has quite a flat rocker and the rails are fairly refined so it still feels light and responsive. I got a single into double concave v contour.

The Yugen VF2 loves good pumping waves. It sets rail nice and early with the slightly refined edges it still has plenty of performance. The wider nose gives you a solid stable launch pad and an intermediate surfer will feel more confident in 4-5 foot conditions.

We tested this with John John thrusters in solid swell and it had real flow and projection allowing a glide similar to a classic single fin. You can outrun the foamball and turn easily. Paddle power is excellent and takeoffs smoothly.

An intermediate surfer will order a board the same height as the rider with the same width and thickness, as usual, resulting in a normal volume. An advanced rider can ride this model an inch or two shorter. If you are making it a step-up, make it a little longer and a little narrower.

Board Dimensions:
6’2″ x 20 1/2″ x 2 11/16″ x 37 L

Note: All Yūgen boards are custom built.

Here’s how the Yūgen VF2 looks side-by-side with other surfboard models:

VF2 with Slater’s Cymatic (left) and Hydronaut (right) | BlinkSurf

VF2 (middle) with the Pyzel Phantom (left) and DHD Sweet Spot 2.0 (right) | BlinkSurf

VF2 (middle) with the Christenson C-Hawk (left) and MOTE Tracks Twinny (right)

VF2 with Jim Banks Magic Carpet (left) | BlinkSurf

And here are pictures from Instagram:





Do you own a Yūgen surfboard? How does yours surf? Let us know below.

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