Vouch Small Vish Review

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What the Vouch Surf site says about the Small Vish:

‘The fish resurgence is here!

For some silly reason, the fish went away for a while, could have been because last time around people were shaping these things around 6’6”. Let’s not forget the fish was spawned from a kneeboard so wants to be ridden as short as possible to really get the feeling it’s supposed to have. It will wreck your back and may even wreck your surfing, but as long as you’re having fun who cares right?

These things are crazy fast and love some nice flowing surfing. Big turns are no problem and you’ll probably never find a better board for the tube, what more is there to say?’

An all-white Vouch Small Vish | BlinkSurf

Vouch Small Vish with glassed-in keel fins | BlinkSurf

Christenson C-hawk (L) and the Vouch Small Vish (R) | BlinkSurf

Vouch Small VIsh (L) and Christenson Nautilus (R) | BlinkSurf

Image Source: Vouch

What our BlinkSurf team rider says about the Small Vish:

Rider’s profile:
– Age: 47
– Height: 6’2″
– Weight: 94 kg. (207 lbs)
– Fitness: Surfs daily
– Ability: Intermediate

I am heavy and 6’2″ so when I ordered this absolutely stunning white with white logos stringerless Vouch Vish classic Lis-style fish shape at 5’8″ x 20 3/4″ x 2 9/16″, I was reserved about my ability to ride it. At 34.3 L, it is the least volume and the shortest of all my boards.

After my first surf on it today, I knew it is a winner. It has a flat rocker and the foam is distributed quite thick all the way from the nose to the tail.

(I’ve got a 5’10” DVS Hydro Hull Mark 1 which is EPS and a little lighter. It has a scooped-out deck and is quite thin near the tail. With a big single concave it’s fast, however, it does not turn from rail-to-rail as easily as this double concave vee in the Vish).

The Vish is super fun, user-friendly and a delight to ride.

I comfortably glided into wave after wave in smooth 2-3 foot lefts and rights at a crowded weekend northern beach. I found it extremely stable, smooth, fast and controlled. It paddles well for its length and allows beautiful, balanced carves.

(This board replaced a favorite Christenson Monarch fish 5’10” which was incredible but just a little feisty because it had a narrower nose. The extra 1 3/4 inch width at the 12 inches from the nose and the extra 3/4 of an inch at the 24 inches from the nose and tail help for speed generation on the Vish. The good folk at Vouch we’re happy to advise measurements and recommend sizing via Jason at Kell Surf & Supply).

The Vish outline pulls in a little at the tail with a nice smooth arc to allow turns and control.

Build quality is super high as I have come to expect from Vouch. It is made to last and feels solid.

The glassed-in fins are perfectly crafted and an excellent shape. They have heaps of drive, never slipping and never tracky. With glassed on keels, they are set and forget, never have to choose a fin, perfect.

An excellent addition to the quiver. I expect it should manage up to chest or head-high waves but so far it revels in 2-3 foot clean waves. Stunning impression straight out of the gate. Well done Vouch! I can see what the fuss is about and why this board has a cult following.

What people are saying about it:

“The Vish’s super flat entry means that it paddled great and catches waves with ease. Once up and riding it had plenty of flow. The slight double concave through the fins meant it transitions well rail to rail and will generate speed without you needing to work too hard. Keel fins provide plenty of drive without that feeling of being too stiff or having too much area that you can’t fully drive through turns. The Rails on the Vish carry a bit of foam through them, which is great for places like Bondi and around the eastern suburbs where there is plenty of wobble and bump on the face which makes it less catchy and will allow you to plow through all the chop that’s typical of summer surf.

These boards aren’t just limited to summer waves though. I think this board would really come into its own on a point break or nice open faced wave that’s running and you could really let rip on the face as it has plenty of down the line speed and maneuverability. A great addition to any quiver and for anyone looking to spice up their surfing experience.” – Pat on sunburntmess.com

My brain exploded upon seeing the new Vouch ‘Vish’ shape. This board is amazeballs.” – user surfanimal on Sea Breeze

A super smooth outline and constant curve throughout, the Vish will handle any type of wave and will have you gliding over anything and everything.” – Gum Tree

“Stoke factor is at an all time high! Such a fun board🤘🏼🏄🏼🤘🏼yew!” – user natmo_ on Instagram

Size Chart:

Lengths from 4’10” to 5’6”

The Small Vish too short for you? Check the Vouch Mid Vish here.

Here’s a video of the Vouch Small Vish in action:


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