Tomo Vader Review


What the Tomo Surfboards website says about the Vader:

‘The Vader represents the current pinnacle of Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson’s Modern Planing Hull (MPH) Vision.

Dan describes the Vader as a Mind Surfing Machine, which reacts instantaneously to desired directional changes with incredible bursts of speed. Controlled, drawn out carves and radical tight angle snaps are achievable with an effortless and intuitive shift in a surfer’s weight. In addition, paddle power and generally usability have been increased with a larger volume distribution throughout comparative to the Vanguard, which encourages surfers to ride the Vader even shorter than previously considered functional.

Versatility …. The Vader ticks all the boxes and is a stand out performer from waist high to double overhead, offering a natural Quad-fin option which creates significantly increased speed in weaker conditions, or switch to a Tri-Fin for a high-speed surgical attack when the waves demand additional control.

Experience the Future of High Performance Surfing!’

Image Source: Tomo Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“This board is easy to paddle at this weight to volume ratio, obviously slightly slower than the other 2 but seems to catch waves almost as easily. It seems to handle late drops slightly better than the VG (more similar to the Nano in that respect) not that the VG has ever presented too many issues.

Speed off the mark, through turns and even trimming is exceptional and easily as good as the VG.I find the Vader and the VG to have much better acceleration than the Nano in less than perfect waves.” – CurlyBloke on Firewire Surfboards Forum

” Overall I am loving this board and it has lived up to all of my expectations. My turns and snaps are tighter and more rapid, feeling like I can just spin around on the spot. I can take more speed into the lip and get more slide and release and recover quicker without loosing speed. I pearled on the very first wave that rode the vader on, but after that it held well in everything and I am stoked to surf it see what else I can do with this board. As a thruster I found it really responsive and easy to generate speed the very moment I wanted it, but it was controlled speed and it felt fluid and intuitive. As a quad the board is a whole other beast and comes alive with immediate speed and feels like your gliding across the top of water.” – Danexlle on Firewire Surfboards Forum

“The Vader works really well, you think it, it will do it. The speed comes easy as it accelerates really quick.” – 360air on Firewire Surfboards Forum

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