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When surfing in spots where you don’t easily have access to a changing room, it can be a challenge to change into your wetsuit and change back to dry clothes after a surf session. Using a large beach towel isn’t always practical because it has the tendency to slip or fall off while you’re changing. On the other hand, existing poncho towels are too short and aren’t able to cover you well.

Luckily, someone has thought of creating functional poncho towels with surfers in mind, designed for easy changing on the beach. It’s called The Amigo Towel, and it seems to be gaining popularity among surfers. The Amigo has been featured in magazines including Penisula Living, Carona WSL magazine, Covered magazine and North Journal. We have come up with this review to reveal more details about this surfer towel.

The Amigo Towel featured in magazines

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What the manufacturer says about the Amigo Towel:

‘Basically, I started thinking about getting the Amigo towels made as there were only hooded poncho towels with big logos on the chest and pretty unstylish and were short. So I thought working down at Manly Surf School, seeing people getting changed, I thought a stylish poncho towel would be good and making wetsuit changes easy.

So I basically got the first batch made in Bali that had bigger sleeves and made longer than any other brand. I also found someone who could make an awesome tie dye look to make another point of difference to any other towel on the market.

I also have just made my range bigger now with a travel towel that rolls up as small as a 600ml water bottle and rolls out bigger than a normal beach towel that is super quick drying and sand does not stick to the towel. Super happy with this product right now, perfect for any traveler that loves the beach or any water activity.’ – Matt Withaar

Manufacturer’s Quality Statement:

“I started the first batch on myself and the boys at the Manly surf school to see if they were good quality and the product worked effectively, which is why I have made a collaboration with the Manly Surf School poncho towel. This product is usability and quality tested!”

What people are saying about it:

“Love my new towel ????. Thanks Matt.” – @ocean.loving.girl on Instagram

“The unsung hero of your water bound kit. Once you use an Amigo Premium Hooded Towel, you’ll never head to the water without one.” – Benny’s Board Room

What’s Next for the Amigo Towel:

We asked the manufacturer for info on new product developments, and here is the reply we got: “I am more focused on the travel towel at the moment. I really am impressed with this product. I am looking to do some co-labs with other companies as I think they are awesome travel buddies and really convenient.”

What we like about the Amigo Towel:

  1. Absorbent materials
  2. Large sleeves
  3. Large hood
  4. Ample length for appropriate covering
  5. Quality materials that last
  6. Lightweight and not bulky (for the travel towel )
  7. Has a kangaroo pocket

What can be improved:

  1. Could add a zipper to make it easier to put on and remove
  2. Could have more print design and color options to choose from
  3. Could make a grommet-sized towel for young surfers

Bottom line:

We like the fact that the manufacturer has designed the Amigo Towel with surfers in mind. Being right where the surfing action is in Manly, Matt was able to innovate from existing poncho towel designs, resulting in more functional, easy to use, lightweight and stylish towels made of quality materials. It does what it is meant to do and that is to dry you up and cover you well when changing right on the beach.

The Amigo towels are especially useful when your car or the changing rooms are far from where you surf. The new travel towel design that rolls almost as small as a 600ml water bottle is practical and useful for surfers, especially since they already carry a lot of gear and essentials, so having a lightweight and less bulky towel is a big plus.

And of course with any innovative idea, there is always room to improve, like more design patterns and colors, or small-size options for the younger surfers. Overall, the Amigo Towel is a refreshing approach to beach and surfing towels.

We have found no videos of the Amigo Towel in action but the manufacturer may release one soon. We will update this post when a video becomes available.

Here are Instagram pictures we found of The Amigo Towel:






We have recently picked up an Amigo Travel towel and it was awesome.
The towel’s features include it being quick drying, sand repellant and portable (it rolls up just a little bigger than a 600ml water bottle). It is easy to carry around and the towel provides comfort and warmth when it is cold.

Here are some photos we took of our own Amigo Travel Towel:

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