T. Patterson Triple X Review

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What the T. Patterson site says about the Triple X:

‘The XXX model is the team favorite, tested in all conditions by a wide range of the top surfers from around the globe. This board is for the guy who just wants a normal go to day-to-day board they can depend on. This design is shaped with a single concave from the nose to the tail for generating speed. We put a medium low rail to give you more control rail to rail. The volume in the middle of the board will give you plenty of paddle power but we also pulled in the nose and tail to give you maximum flow in and out of your turns. The XXX has a medium entry rocker and a solid flip in the tail rocker that allows for tighter surfing in the pocket. This board comes in a squash tail and works best as a tri fin.’

Image source: silversurf.com.br

21.8 - 32LVolume
2-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“One of the more popular models of the T.Patterson team riders, the XXX is designed as a higher performance all-rounder. Single concave throughout for speed, a medium to low rail for control, volume under your front foot and a pulled in nose and tail keep this board fast, nimble, yet very easy to paddle and catch waves.

Suitable for a wide variety of surf, anywhere from knee high to over head, the XXX works best in the waist to head high range. A true go-to for average days.” – Boardcave

“I bought a Triple X a few weeks ago, surfed it a few times and I have to say It’s my favorite board so far !!

6’0 x 19 x 2 1/4

I’m 5’11.5 x 170 pounds and mostly a kook with some intermediate moments
Seriously though, I’m suddenly riding a lot better on this board !

I’m very front-footed (…snowboarding) and tend to be a bit too forward on my board most of the time (working on it…) but this thing feel so good and forgiving !

I not saying it’s a front-footed board only but at least it’s very neutral and feel like it has a big sweet spot

There’s a decent amount of rocker and concave (single all the way through) and like Timmy mentioned above, the tail rocker is more gradual than a flip at the end
All that stuff seems to work for me.” – Vale46 on Surfer forum

“I was told that the XXX and the Speed Drive are basically the same model. If you’re buying this model from Timmy, then it’s an XXX. If you’re buying it from Rip Curl, then it’s a Speed Drive.

Anyways, I love this board! The foil is perfectly balanced. I was worried about buying a stubby hp shortboard that was going to have too much foam, but this model is perfect. It works well in a variety of conditions, from knee high to overhead, but excels in chest high waves.

It’s turning radius is tight and it fits in the pocket of small waves really well, but it doesn’t turn quite as tight as my Rocket. However, the XXX has a lot more drive then my Rocket (this might be a function of the Rockets short rail line).

As far as fins go, I’ve found that the K2.1s are the perfect thruster set-up, while K3s in the front and FCS longboard sidebites in the back are the perfect quad set-up.” – jkb on Surfer forum

Size Chart:

Width can go 1/4” wider or narrow. Thickness can go 1/16” thicker or thinner.

5.6 x 18.50 x 2.13 V= 21.8 L
5.7 X 18.63 X 2.18 V= 22.9 L
5.8 x 18.75 x 2.20 V= 23.5 L
5.9 x 18.88 x 2.25 V= 24.5 L
5.10 x 19 x 2.28 V= 25.3 L
5.11 x 19.13 x 2.32 V= 26.3 L
6.0 x 19.25 x 2.38 V= 27.4 L
6.1 x 19.38 x 2.45 V= 28.7 L
6.2 x 19.50 x 2.50 V= 29.9 L
6.3 x 19.63 x 2.53 V= 30.8 L
6.4 x 19.75 x 2.58 V= 32 L

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