T. Patterson Scorpion Review

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What the T. Patterson site says about the Scorpion:

‘Scorpion is wide point forward outline, getting you that extra paddle power under your chest. The pulled in tail on this outline ensures no hold back for snappier rail-to-rail surfing. Medium low entry rocker. Deep single concave to slight vee off the tail. Medium rails. The Scorpion works best in waves waist high to a little overhead. This model comes as a round or swallow tail and can be ridden as a tri or quad.’

Image source: youtube.com

21.9 - 34.7LVolume
2-8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“A little refinement from the popular Spud model, the Scorpion is geared towards fast surfing and laying the board on rail. With the wide point slightly forward, even foam distribution, lower rocker and single concave to vee, this board paddles very well, is lightening fast, and super responsive at high speeds. While a little flip in the tail allows you to still whip it tight in the pocket.

The scorpion work best in good quality waves anywhere from waist to a little overhead high, and wants to be surfed fast and hard off the rail. Don’t hesitate and surf it hard!” – Boardcave

“Patterson and Metz have brought my kid along just right. Started with the Spud, then into the Scorpion and now the Pat O.” – Matt Belden on Facebook

“The Scorpion is another new “horse” in the T. Patterson stable and is only a couple chromosomes different than the Spud. Timmy designed the Scorpion to be incredibly fast and responsive. The medium-low entry rocker leads to single deep concave and eventually ends with slight vee off the tail to ensure that this board rides at lightning speeds. The wide point is moved forward and pulled in tail that allows for quick power turns anywhere on a wave. The rails are medium and volume is distributed evenly for paddling power. This board is meant to be put on rail at fast speeds without hesitation. The Scorpion works best in waves waist high to a little overhead. This model comes as a swallow tail and can be ridden as a tri or quad.” – Swell.com

Size Chart:

Width can go 1/4” wider or narrow. Thickness can go 1/16” thicker or thinner.

5.4 x 18.50 x 2.13 V=21.9 L
5.5 x 18.63 x 2.18 V= 23 L
5.6 x 18.75 x 2.20 V= 23.7 L
5.7 x 18.88 x 2.25 V= 24.6 L
5.8 x 19 x 2.28 V= 25.5 L
5.9 x 19.13 x 2.32 V= 26.4 L
5.10 x 19.25 x 2.35 V= 27.3 L
5.11 x 19.38 x 2.40 V= 28.4 L
6.0 x 19.50 x 2.45 V= 29.6 L
6.1 x 19.63 x 2.50 V= 30.7 L
6.2 x 19.75 x 2.58 V= 32.2 L
6.3 x 19.88 x 2.63 V= 33.5 L
6.4 x 20 x 2.68 V= 34.7 L

Here is a video we found of the T. Patterson Scorpion:

And here are Instagram pictures we found:

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