T. Patterson Power Pill Review


What the T. Patterson site says about the Power Pill:

‘This pill design is loaded up with volume nose to tail, full paddle machine. Flatter deck keeping it a little full out towards the rail. Plenty of vee running off the tail and the tail comes with a single wing round tail so the tail block is slightly more pulled in making for an easy rail to rail approach on the wave. We recommend you ride this board with twin fins and a small trailer fin but it also works well as a tri or quad. You will want to ride this board shorter but there is also the guy who just wants a bigger board to catch more waves so we tend to make them a little bigger as well.

*Recomended to try with Timmy Patterson Future TP-3 six fin set.’

25.3 - 38.8 LVolume
1-4ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Power Pill is the big brother to the popular The Pill, but more suited to a bigger guy. Making the nose and tail a little wider, with full rails and a double winged round tail with Vee out the back to ensure you can still whip this board around with ease. The Power Pill is best suited for smaller days and bigger surfers. Waves around ankle to chest high are perfect for this board. It’ll handle sloppy or clean waves easily, so perfect for summer fun or simply when the waves aren’t quite doing it.” -boardcave.com

“Super fast, top-to-bottom, more rocker than a fish, holds in bigger surf and flies in tiny stuff too. This board puts the fun back in your surfing.” – User mosoul on forum.surfer.com

“After all the success with the pill model, it was necessary to further diversify this model and create the Power Pill model, which is a model similar to The Pill in many aspects but not in its volume. The Power Pill model has been designed with much more volume especially for heavier surfers looking for something more on days of weak waves. Its outline was widened a little more at the nose and tail, and its edges gained a little more volume to give even more paddling power.” – silversurf.com.br

Available Sizes:

5.4 x 19.50 x 2.15 V= 25.3 L
5.5 x 19.60 x 2.20 V= 26.1 L
5.6 x 19.70 x 2.25 V= 27.2 L
5.7 x 19.88 x 2.28 V= 28.2 L
5.8 x 20 x 2.32 V= 29.2 L
5.9 x 20.15 x 2.38 V= 30.5 L
5.10 x 20.25 x 2.42 V= 31.6 L
5.11 x 20.38 x 2.48 V= 32.9 L
6.0 x 20.50 x 2.50 V= 33.8 L
6.1 x 20.63 x 2.55 V= 35 L
6.2 x 20.75 x 2.60 V= 36.4 L
6.3 x 20.88 x 2.63 V= 37.5 L
6.4 x 21 x 2.68 V= 38.8 L

(Width can go 1/4” wider or narrow) (thickness can go 1/16” thicker or thinner)

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