Surfboards by Donald Takayama NR3 Review

What the Surfboards by Donald Takayama site says about the NR3:

‘The NR-3 is a shorter version of the NR-2 log. This is essentially a shrunk-down longboard, and should be ridden accordingly. Not meant to be only surfed from the tail, these boards love to be walked and you can even noseride them! A perfect addition to a longboarders quiver, as the transition is quite easy from long to short with the NR-3.’



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What people are saying about it:

Sounds like this is something worth looking at, especially if they or one of their dealers has a board you could demo. Since all they use is Walker foam getting one shouldn’t be an issue either.” – user scwindswell on surfer Mag

Featuring a narrower tail for tighter turns and a lighter, more performance oriented appeal. This little longboard does all things its longer cohorts can do with a bit for flare. Perfect for grommets! But not reserved strictly for them!” –

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