Stewart Regal Review


What the Stewart Surfboards site says about the Regal:

‘The Regal: 90% Classic, 10% Hot Rodded. The T-band stringered Regal provides a smooth traditional feel with softer rails and extra tail rocker. The last 20″ of the tail rail drop to a tucked edge for more bite on hard turns. The single fin Regal may look and ride like a classic longboard, but will perform more like a modern longboard when you need it. The Regal comes equipped with a fiberglass center fin.’

Image Source: Stewart Surfboards

Image Source: Morning Riders

Image Source: Surf Station

What people are saying about the Regal:

“Excellent noserider!” – Bjorn DeBoer on Stewart Surfboards video by BoardRidersReview

“They are good shapes thought not a full on traditional log, more of a light noserider style made for people who like progressive longboards (like Colin see?). They noseride and turn well.” – user Jory on MagicSeaweed Forum

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Here are videos of the Stewart Surfboards Regal:

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