Stewart Hydro Glide Review


What the Stewart Surfboards site says about the Hydro Glide:

‘The Hydro Glide was specifically designed for beginner surfers. The design is basic and geared towards ease of paddling. The Hydro Glide is a thicker board with relatively flat rocker. The fullness is held out to the rails, which are beveled all the way around to provide maximum forgiveness. This simple design is also popular with anyone looking for a funboard that is comfortable to jump on in any conditions. The Hydro Glide comes with a fiberglass center fin.’

Image Source: Stewart Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Best shape ever.” – user Surf buddy on Surfscience

“Catches the smallest ripple, is ultra stable and goes like the clappers!” – user Rod Gaskin on Facebook

“Awesome Longboard for anyone.” – Pioneers Board Shop on Facebook

“He’s def my biggest boy yet haha but he’s super sweet and rides soooo smooth so it works out 🙂 .” – User chrissimko on Instagram

“Looks Lovely!!” User alexandradand on Instagram

Size Chart:

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