Slater Designs Gamma Review


What the Firewire Surfboards website says about the Gamma:

‘The Gamma is Kelly’s 2017 utility short board! Though Kelly has worked with several great shapers this past year on an array of different shapes, it was his excitement with the speed and quick direction changes provided by this personal design that held his intrigue. His interest in Cad board design, modifying variables, and testing and retesting as lead to the development of an incredible all around short board. The Gamma is sure to be under Kelly’s feet during his 2017 title run.

With a single concave bottom and slight vee behind the back fin this board is extremely fast and drivey. The vee out the back makes for quick rail to rail transitions. Within the hi performance short board range this would be considered a medium rocker with a med to even a slightly pinched rail.

The distinct hip on the Gamma gives it a tighter turning radius allowing it to be ridden in a shorter wider set of dims as well as the common performance short board dims. This board excels in a broad range of waves and conditions.

HE (Helium) – The same expanded lifespan beyond traditional materials that many expect from FST, in addition to the gentle compression beneath your feet that others love about LFT. We used the lightest foam we have to make Helium, combined with a brand new rail crafted from both balsa wood and paulownia wood. It’s all wrapped in a brand new deckskin material we’re introducing for the first time.’

Image Source: Aloha Manly

Image Source: Aloha Manly

Image Source: Aloha Manly

Image Source: Surf Station

Image Source: Boardshop

16.9 - 47.3 LVolume
3 - 6 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Gamma has a very speedy template with a single concave running to a slight vee behind the trailing fin. The vee behind the back fin eases rail to rail work and the rocker and rail shape would be classed as “medium” in the world of high performance shortboards. The outline has a clearly defined “hip” which reduces the turning radius and allows the Gamma to be ridden in shorter, wider dims as well as regular HPSB dims.” –

“Hope the gamma isn’t like many Kelly boards: so technical and refined only he can ride them (like his semi pro, a beauty but every time I looked at one in the shop I knew it wasn’t for me).” – user apache on the Firewire Surfboards forum

“Definitely not just a glass slipper fit for the King – these look like pretty epic all-rounder for those of us less gifted wave riders, in the right dimensions. This model has a beautifully smooth medium rocker, a relatively generous outline, a nice medium, pinched rail with a single concave to vee bottom.” – user zaksurfboards on Instagram

“Thinking I might skip the SKX after looking at the Gamma looks like a barrel of fun especially in Helium.” – user Craig R on the Firewire Surfboards forum

“I guess I’m in the minority, but I like the way Slater looks on the Gamma. I think his turns look really sharp on it, despite having to compete against guys half his age and having nagging back injuries. I agree with what Racer said in a previous post however, that Slater needs to be on a heavier board.

I find it interesting that this Gamma is shaped by Tomo. The one that Kelly rides on tour is supposedly shaped by Keone Downing. At least that’s what the commentators have said multiple times in the past.

I wouldn’t mind trying one, but I won’t be buying one.” – user jkb on the SURFER Magazine forum

“I can’t remember the last time I clicked with a HP board so quick. Cheers @firewiresurfboards for releasing another sick board.” – user craig_surf86 on Instagram

Size Chart:

Also available in High Performance (HP) dims

Here are videos of the Slater Designs Gamma:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

What are your thoughts on this new Slater Designs’ model? We’d love to hear it!

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  • louis

    What are Kelly’s dimensions fo the two boards he’s talking about in the video, Helium and LFT ?

    • James Schramko

      both are 5′ 9 x 18 3/8″ x 2 5/16″ 25.3 L