Skip Frye Fish Review

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‘San Diego’s Skip Frye has been one of the sport’s most stylish surfers, and one of its most open-minded shaper/designers. As one of the first California board builders to join the ’67 Shortboard Revolution, Frye was understandably impressed when first watching fellow San Diegan Steve Lis riding his short, keel-finned twin-pintailed “Fish” design in 1970. Skip was one of the very first to work with Lis to adapt Fish to stand-up surfing and the board on offer is a fine example of that collaboration. Featuring Frye’s characteristic clean lines, hand-drawn ‘wings’ logo and hand-shaped double foiled marine-ply keel fins with Stanley Plenskunas’ DoveTail fin system, this surfboard is as indigenous to Southern California as you can get.’

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“The first fish I ever rode was a skip frye, the one curren rides in Glass Love. I’d say he has the float to volume ratio more perfectly dialled than any other shaper, his boards are fat in all the right places, but more importantly they are honed and refined in all the right places.” – bunker on

Few surfboard designs have inspired the emotional attachment as the Fish…” – Surfer magazine

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