Simon Anderson Varmit Review


What the Simon Anderson Surfboards site says about the Varmit:


Normal length but wider nose on a wider board with a normal width rounded square. Single to double concave to vee at the tail. Low soft modern rail and deck line. Low to mid nose rocker, moderate smooth tail rocker.

This board has a long history from development shapes for an ageing clientele starting 5 plus years ago to inspiration in California from a MacNabb shape in 2014, to down south chance encounters.

Varmit is a high volume high performance shorter style big board, assisting paddling and take off but not inhibiting performance. The old style outline helps the Varmit feel rock solid through bottom turns, this is crucial to setting up the wave and maximising surfing enjoyment. Surf as short as possible for your target volume for tighter turns in the pocket or surf longer for more help when coming back from an extended period out of the water or recovering from injury or surgery or old age.’

Paddle Power
Skill Level
26.59 – 43.48 LVolume
2-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Varmit is designed as a high volume high performance board. This model is shorter style big guys board that’ll make paddling and take offs easy, yet keeps all the performance you want out of a shortboard. Surf this board as short as possible for your size for ultra high performance in tight pockets, or a little long if you have been out of the water for a while or coming back from an injury.

A very versitile board, the Varmit is a great go to board for the majority of days you surf. Handling anywhere from knee high to a little over head and a multitude of conditions, this board is quick, snappy and can be surfed tight in the pocket.” – Boardcave

“Varmit is a volume added all-round semi-performance board to assist the surfer who needs some help.
Help at what ?
Help competing in the line-up for waves with better paddling and a better platform to spring to your feet.
That sort of assistance can be had because the nose area is increased and the nose entry is lower so you glide in and then feel the stability on the transition getting to your feet.
The back half of the board is pretty much a normal plan-shape and normal width with normal rocker, so back foot moves can be tight in the pocket and also have real good hold through bottom turns.
The plan-shape is a contributing factor in that hold thru the bottom turns, the wider nose to normal tail gives you an outline and rail line that promotes pure lines in the turning arc and won’t jump out of the water and thus produces carves with no chatter or give.
You would surf the Varmit as big as you need, but it can be surfed equally as well as a minimum volume board.”
– Simon Anderson

Size Chart:

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