Simon Anderson Mollusc Robo Review

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What the Simon Anderson Surfboards website says about the Mollusc Robo:

Stretched-out Mollusc with streamlined area nose and roundtail. Lower nose entry to medium tail rocker. Slight single concave to vee through the back half with double concave cutting through the vee panel and fading out 9” before the end of the board. Similar rail to Mollusc with the flatter deck and chunkier low soft combination. Slight beak nose to slightly thicker tail.

Developed from the Mollusc as a performance bigger board and alternative to surfing a Mini Mal.

Ultimate wave catching assistance without sacrificing too much performance. Good stand there speed and glide across the wave. Round tail and vee combined with the tail rocker to help the big board turn in a short arc off the back foot in cutbacks, and rebound well off the top in smaller waves. The Robo has reasonable hold and good drive in bigger surf and is a fun transition board to get back into shape when returning from injury, or if your fitness is down, or you are getting on a bit and no longer have the time or circumstance to surf regularly. Your MR board size will depend on the level of help you need to catch waves.’

33.2 - 51.45 LVolume
1 - 6 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Mollusc Robo is the big brother to the popular Mollusc, built to help the slightly bigger surfer, or surfer who has been adding weight and years to the lives and want to keep their surfing levels up. Stretched, widened up and a little thicker than the original, this board.

The Mollusc Robo is a board best suited to the surfer that is either recovering from and injury, or has simply been getting older and putting on some added weight. This board will help get you back into form. Order this board a couple inches bigger than your standard shorty and getting your surfing legs back.”– Boardcave

“I managed to surf the slightly modified Mollusc Robo in good 3 to 5 feet waves at Winki Pop next door to Bells Beach. The changes being a slightly pointier nose but with the same nose area, slightly less tail area and slightly thinner nose to the tip.

The idea behind the nose changes is to allow the Robo deeper duck dive potential and a touch more performance on the wave face. Otherwise it is unchanged featuring single concave to vee bottom with double concave thru the vee. The key to the Robo is the vee in the back half of the board allowing you to get the big Robo board from rail to rail with smooth flow. – Simon Anderson

“The Simon Mollusc Robo, is a model that has been in the range since 2006, this surfboard is great for guys that want a wave catching machine without forgiving all of your performance. Surf this one 4 – 6 inches longer & 1/2 an inch wider to enhance your wave catching ability. Originally made as a rehabilitation board for one of Simon Anderson’s friends, he realised that it was a good alternative to super nuggety small wave surfboards & could be a great addition to the older surfers quiver!” – Trade Wind Surf

“Wow ! That has Puerto Rico written all over it!! Beautiful board” – user studiomora on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here is a video of the Simon Anderson Mollusc Robo:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

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