Simon Anderson Mollusc Review


What the Simon Anderson Surfboards website says about the Mollusc:

Area nose and area round tail performance short board. Single to double concave with low nose entry and medium tail rocker. Rails are slightly chunkier low soft with thicker beak style nose and slightly thicker tail.

Foundation model that has barely been adjusted over the years.

Designed for all-round surfing on a retro style but performance shape in 2 to 5 feet surf. The rounder shape area nose with widish roundtail facilitates good glide on paddle speed for easy take-off and then jump to your feet transition. Somehow still a performance board with easy down-the-line speed, flows nicely through turns, good for roundhouse cutbacks and off-the-top turns. Can be surfed in a cruising style, or surfed hard with power carves on the face. Works well in beachies, point and reef breaks.’

27.15 - 38 LVolume
1 - 4 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Mollusc is a lower rockered, slightly wider template high performance short board. Paddles in easy and accelerates right when you jump to your feet. Generates speed easily surfing down the line, and loves roundhouse cutbacks and turning off the top.

The Mollusc loves a cleaner open faced wave with room for drawn out cutbacks and off the top turns. The slightly wider outline and slightly lower rocker keep you speed up when there is less power in the wave. The round tail and bottom contours allow this board to flow nicely around the face of the wave.” – Boardcave

“I’ve got a 6′ 2″ bought in Torquay oz. Absolute quality board, will get you into a wave early due to volume in the nose, absolutely flies down the line, loose without being skatey. This is one board I would never part with, actually ordered another one too stash in my loft, when this one dies. I’ve had it in 2′ slop to well overhead, goes really well and I’ve had some boards in my time! Really good board for British waves.” – user buttholesurfer on Magic Seaweed forum

“The Simon Mollusc, is a board with more volume, but suprisingly still performance ridden. Nose & tail width help this model be a wave catcher, which is great for those who have lost a little steam over the years but still love to shred when it counts – on the wave. This model will generate a lot of speed down the line & is great for big swooping cutbacks & flowing off the lip snaps. You can surf this one in smaller conditions & it will still performs but definitely loves a head height clean wall to thrash!” – Tradewind Surf

“I bought a 6.2 in Oz and it is the best board I have had. Pretty much good for eveything and is the one I pack no matter what the conditions. Classing is superb and overall quality is excellent. I just love the shape and the way the extra volume is hidden along the stringer. Highly recommend but agree avoid the French ones. Downtheline seems to be the only place who stocks them here. Suppose you can’t really go wrong with boards shaped by the inventor of the thruster.” – user chuckie0807 on Magic Seaweed forum

Size Chart:

Here are videos we found of the Simon Anderson Mollusc:

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