Simon Anderson Face Dancer Step Up Review


What the Simon Anderson site says about the Face Dancer Step Up:

‘I have added some narrower boards in the Face Dancer range to make the model more of a genuine all rounder if that is what you want. I’ve taken it down and I’ve also streamlined the nose a fraction to create a board that will handle the stronger cleaner days at your local or form the basis for your travelling good wave quiver.

Everything else is the same.’

What people are saying about it:

“The Simon Anderson Surfboard Face Dancer Step Up is an adaptable shortboard. It is narrower than the Face Dancer and ends in round pin.

The rest of the shape is similar.

Can be set up in tri-fin and quad.” – Mundo Surf

Size Chart:

No videos found for the Simon Anderson Face Dancer Step Up

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Here is an Instagram picture we found:

Had a go at the Simon Anderson Face Dancer Step Up? What was it like?

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