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What the Simon Anderson Surfboards website says about the Face Dancer:

Quad option good wave Thruster. Slightly increased area in the nose, normal width in the round tail. Single concave to vee at the tail. Smooth moderate rocker. Low soft rails.

A few years old but a good all-rounder for a one board quiver. In the last 12 months I have added some narrower boards to the FD range.

When surfed as a Quad the vee helps in transitions to get the board from rail to rail. The Quad fin placement is in a bit from the rail & allows you to surf high & tight on the face in the barrel. FD will hold nicely on a steep take off & release quickly out of the bottom turn to a higher line under the lip. Team rider preference is to surf FD as a thruster producing a lively but slightly more predictable feel in 3 to 6 feet surf.’

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23.8 - 37.75 LVolume
1 - 6 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Simon Face Dancer is a small wave board first & foremost, but you can still ride this one in waves up to 5 foot. This surfboard is another one that will perform as a thruster or a quad. The Face Dancer is really responsive but is able to be controlled too. This board will hold nicely on a heavy take off & grab in to line up for the barrel. In regular waves it will give you a nice feeling of flow as a quad or even as a thruster you won’t be dissapointed. This is a relatively new model for Simon as it was developed only a couple of years ago in 2012 on the South West Coast of France. Originally it was made as a quad for the hollow beachies around there but riders soon realised that in lumpy waves it was doing the right thing by the surfers as a thruster! This board is suitable for the intermediate surfer, through to the pro & will surf up until the waves get to 5 foot. Have fun on the Face Dancer.” – Trade Wind Surf

“The Face Dancer is a board designed to sit high and tight in the pocket as well as draw out through extended turns and flowing arch’s. Works extremely well in either the quad or thruster set up, and with the single concave to vee out the tail, this boards is lively on the face and holds well in the pocket.

The Face Dancer can be surfed in anything from 1 to 5 foot or so. Works in all types of waves, but excels in hollow surf with steep take-offs. Ride this board as a quad for high lines and sitting snug in the barrel or a thrusters when you want to rip up the face of the wave.” – Boardcave

“The Face Dancer has single concave throughout the whole board, until it goes to V under the thruster box. This V helps you connect your turns in a more fluid way when riding the board as a quad.

There’s not much flip in the tail rocker, which means this board puts an emphasis on drive and speed through turns, not pivot in the lip.

It’s made with epoxy, which means it’s a lot lighter than a fiberglassed board. It’s so light that it can float over crumbly sections really easily, and also deals with whitewater really well because it’s so buoyant.

However, some would say the downside of the weight of this board is that it doesn’t deal with chop on the water that well.

The rails on this model are thin enough to allow you do really dig into your turns and sink the rail. (Dancing on faces… see why it’s named that?)

It’s a great option for intermediate to advanced surfers for pretty good waves that are waist to a few feet overhead.” – Stevie on

“I’ve been riding the face dancer for about 6 months now. I’m 6’1 and 75kg and have a 5’11×18 7/8× 2 1/4 at 26L. And its sick! Been surfing it on the east coast of Oz. Best board I’ve ridden in a long time. Super responsive and easy to push around. The rounded pin tail is rad, grips and flips outta turns real smoothly and locks you into the barrel really well when you lean on it. Don’t worry about the wind and the chop, you’ll be going so fast you fly straight through it, Velocity = Power kinda thing maybe. Paddles like a 27L and really dig the rails on this board too, low volume, pretty fine and a unique shape. I find myself rubbing them down a little too much on the walk down the track sometimes… I Definitely recommend this board. Yew” – user Ride TheSpiral on YouTube

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