Simon Anderson Alley Review


What the Simon Anderson Surfboards website says about the Alley:

Generous nose and tail area with rounded square tail, vee deck to low boxy rail, deep single concave throughout, low to mid nose entry with slight flip towards the tip, fins moved slightly forward. Medium tail rocker. Comes standard with Carbon Toe Patches.

Cooper Chapman collaboration over the last 18 months so he can compete on the QS and maximise speed, carve and air potential

Low volume high performance Thruster, Cooper is not really into Quad option set ups. For all-round 2 to 5 feet (thigh to double overhead) surf as short, narrow and thin as your level allows. Low to mid nose entry combined with deep single throughout for fast down the line reactions. Fins forward to assist in the pocket snaps and add slide at the end of the carving arc. Alley elements combine to give Cooper on edge rail power carve potential, with speed on tap to take advantage of any ramp and gain more consistency on landings.’

20.44 - 35.15 LVolume
2 - 6 ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“I like the speed on tap in the Alley model, with the ability to pick up more speed in transition to blast off any upcoming section down the line. Being a short, low volume high performance board it is also pretty good in the pocket and smashes the lip with great efficiency.” – Simon Anderson

“Board just looks insane.” – user mullzy1977 on Instagram

“The Alley is a high performance board suited for anything from knee high to well overhead, and any condition you can throw at it. A ultra fast, quick, snappy board, that’ll surf tight in the pocket or carve out on the face.” – Boardcave

Size Chart:

Here are videos of the Simon Anderson Alley:

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And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

Do you own a Simon Anderson Alley? How does it ride

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