Sharp Eye Game Changer Review


What the Sharp Eye site says about the Game Changer:

‘The Game Changer was created to bridge the gap between the Disco and the SB-10. It has low entry rocker, forward foil, and deep single concave between the fins. A must have board in your quiver, the Game Changer is one of our more versatile models.’

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Paddle Power
Skill Level
22 – 36 LVolume
1-8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Game Changer is a popular all rounder that’s been designed as a versatile shortboard for beginners to advanced surfers. With a low entry rocker for natural planing speed and forward volume for extra paddle power. The Game Changer has a deep single concave between the fins for extra speed and a little extra hold in bigger surf. The Game Changer can be surfed in anything from small to overhead waves.

Performance surfing in everyday conditions the Sharp Eye Game Changer is versatile enough to keep you ripping in a range of wave types. A great one-board quiver filler. If your heading off on a trip and need a board that will handle a range of conditions the Game Changer is a great option.” – Boardcave

“A couple guys at work only ride Sharpeye and the Gamechanger is both of their favorite board by Mauricio yet. It doesn’t work in tiny stuff but then again, what does?

They also work over various different dim ranges. One guy is 6-2 x 190 and the other is 5-5 x 125.” – ifallalot on Surfer forum

“I agree more towards sb10 but that’s what I’m aiming for. Already have a Disco type groveler. I’m 6’3 and been riding 5’11/6′ stubby shortboards. Looking to get back on “regular” sb. Felt up a 6’2 and it felt on point. Pretty much already had my mind made up just curious if others had ridden one.” – Emmohl80 on Surfer forum

“The game changer is going to go great in anything from waist-high to overhead. You want to ride this board about two inches shorter than your normal shortboard or close to your own height.” – Mike P. on YouTube

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