Sharp Eye Disco Inferno Review


What the Sharp Eye Surfboards site says about the Disco Inferno:

‘This is for you, Disco lover!
The Disco Inferno is a Disco model adjusted to handle better waves. We kept a similar bottom configuration and rocker as the Disco with some added minor changes to increase the drive and control in larger surf. The Disco Inferno should be ordered 1-2 inches shorter than your regular short board.’

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Paddle Power
Skill Level
22.3 – 33.7 LVolume
2-8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Disco Inferno is the step up round tail version of the original Disco model made to help with control in better waves and larger surf. Similar generous rocker to the original Disco.

The Sharpeye Disco Inferno is best for larger, better waves where you need more control with the round tail.” – Boardcave

“The rocker profile on the inferno is a little more aggressive, with flip in the tail and nose, meant to keep the board feeling loose, and providing a bit more drive despite the board’s wide, slightly full nature. It’s still a thicker, high-volume board, and there’s still the Disco’s same concave through the bottom’s entirety, just with a bit more tail rocker for control and pivot.

Where most would ride the Disco proper about 3 to 5 inches shorter than their normal shortboard, the Disco Inferno should be ordered around 2” shorter, similar to, say, Matt Biolos’ Mini Driver, or the round tail Channel Islands Fred Rubble. At that height, the literage should be fairly consistent with your daily driver thruster.

While a lot has been made of wider outlined high-performance shortboards in recent years, the Disco Inferno is certainly on the more nuanced side of that spectrum. An above average surfer will get this thing moving just fine in junk surf, but the board comes alive in punchy, 3- to 5-foot surf. The curvy outline makes it a little more of a top-to-bottom board, keeps it from feeling tracky as so many small wave boards seem to feel.” – Surfers Village

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