Sharp Eye Modern 2 Review


What the Sharp Eye Surfboards site says about the Modern 2:

‘This is our new modern twin fin. designed to be a cross breed between the famous mr twin of the 80’s and the high performance thrusters of today.

Filipe wanted a board to train at home during his break in small mushy conditions and he asked for something different than what he rides on the tour. This is a design to have fun and not worry about anything. It has an incredible speed and good drive from the combination of concaves and rail edges. The modern2 will change the way you surf soft and small waves.’

Image Source: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Paddle Power
Skill Level
24.3 – 42.3 LVolume
1-4ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Mental.” – User thaleast_most on instagram

“I actually like the twin pig better. Little faster down the line and more balanced feeling. Although this board does pivot nicely and is fast.” user nostradahveed on instagram

“Looks like so much fun!” – user boardporn on instagram

“Sick looking board” – user core_blanks on Instagram

“It’s really fast, quick.. The board doesn’t want to stop.” Michael Flores on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here are videos we found of the Sharp Eye Surfboards Modern 2:

Here are Instagram pictures we found:






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