Sculpt Trunk Junk Review

What the Sculpt website says about the Trunk Junk:

‘With the release of our new SB Boxer all-rounder, we decided to revamp an old favourite – the Trunk Junk. We shaved 1 1/4 inches off the length, filled out the foil through the nose a little, and extended the nose rocker to curve away from the front foot area to increase performance and paddling. The other major change is in the tail, where we added a smaller flyer or “bump” instead of a hip to accentuate the pivot point. This then tapers into a soft diamond tail for a nice balance of forgiveness vs. control.

Best Conditions: Beach breaks 2/6ft.’

Image source: Sculpt Surfboards

22.75 - 41.1 LVolume
2-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Trunk Junk is a popular shortboard with a wider outline than the Sculpt Shorty. With a small flyer in the outline between the fins, this board has plenty of control and maneuverability through turns while keeping plenty of volume in the tail.

The Sculpt Trunk Junk is a nice everyday shortboard for beach breaks around 2-6 foot. The wider outline gives you more natural speed and paddle power than the Shorty model.” – Boardcave

“The Sculpt Surfboards Trunk Junk is an exciting shortboard perfect for hollow beach breaks. It features a slightly wider outline than the Sculpt Surfboards Shorty and a hip behind the side fins. This makes a pivot point that allows a tight tail while keeping the volume between the rear fins.

The Trunk Junk Surfboard also features a medium entry rocker and a slightly fuller foil than the Sculpt Shorty. It is designed to perform well 1-2 inches shorter and 1/8 to 1/4 wider compared to the Shorty.

Key features: Wider outline. Hip behind the side fins pulling the tail in, creating a pivot point. Single to double to vee concave bottom contours. Standard 3-Fin Setup.” – Benny’s Boardroom

Size chart:

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