Rusty Sista Brotha Review


What the Rusty Surfboards site says about the Sista Brotha:

‘Noa Deane’s latest the “Sista Brotha” is developed from his free-surfing travels. This performance shortboard excels in conditions from beach breaks to point breaks.

The Sista Brotha features, a single to a double concave, moderate entry rocker and a low tail rocker with a fuller rail, making this lovely board that allows Noa to execute his arsenal of maneuvers without thinking twice…Sista Brotha from Noa Deane.’

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Paddle Power
Skill Level
26.1 – 36.3 LVolume
2-8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Riding this board in a 5’8 with the torsion spring and it’s a very fun and lively board. I usually ride a 5’10 Rusty and this feels awesome. Board can turn very tight in the pocket and hold rail. It makes every day surf very fun and exciting. Been getting a lot of compliments on it.” – Matt on

“Was my first true shortboard shape after getting off hybrids and alternative shapes. Best board I’ve ever owned. Seems like a one board quiver since it’s been working in small hip/waist high (obviously takes a little effort but that’s makes it fun) all the way up to the bigger better days. Hope they always make this shape or something similar!” – Jordan on

“I am 5’11, 155 lbs, 33 years young 😉 surfing the stock 5’8 squash tail.
Live and surf in Costa Rica, surfing mostly beach breaks.
This is exactly the board I was looking for, had a few boards over the years but this board really nailed it for me. Goes super fast from the get go and is super quick and loose on turns.
Thank you guys, please don’t ever drop this model.
p.s. Noa Dean is one of the best surfers on the planet today”
– Tamir on

“I’ve had this board for about 6 months. I have the 5’9″ hydroflex and I’ve surfed it in all kinds of conditions from trestles to Huntington beach, all over LA. in waves from waist to a few feet overhead. the board works great its responsive and very user friendly. most recently i took it on a trip to the Philippines and i was very happy with the way the board handled the power there” – Juan on

“The Noa Deane Sista Brotha is a free-surfing fun performance board that allows your to pull out all of your moves when you’re in that experimental mood.” –

“The Sista Brotha excels in varying beach breaks, however it can be surfed in just about anything. We can’t promise you’ll be throwing front side punts like Mr Deane, but you’ll be one step closer.” –

“The Sista Brotha by Noa Deane is the kind of surfboard you should go for if you are planning to do some experimental moves and grand maneuvers, it will surely not let you down.” –

“A free surfing flavoured high performance shortboard marvel, Noa Deane’s signature Rusty Surfboards Sista Brotha loves good waves! From punchy beach break barrels in Central America to long, fast Australia point breaks, the Sista Brotha will have you running through your arsenal of manoeuvres with style and ease.” –

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