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What the Robert August site says about What I Ride:

‘It makes sense to ride a board that maximizes your fun regardless of the conditions. “What I Ride” utilizes a 60/40 rail configuration which, in combination with a nifty tear drop concave conveniently placed under the nose, greatly enhances your nose riding.’

Image Source: Robert August

Image Source: Robert August

Image Source: Wood Surfboard Supply

What people are saying about it:

“Ridden lots of longboards, don’t much like surftechs but the WIR makes a fine first board or travel board. All around solid board, rode one at the Ranch in Mex in easy 8′ surf, worked fine.” – user Mike on SurfScience

“This board can do it all from powerful carving 360’s off the tail to vintage Endless Summer noserides. The What I Ride features a moderate width nose with a nose concave underneath for extra lift while noseriding. A crisp, clean release off the tail with a 2+1 fin set up (*10′ Single Fin) give the WIR more speed than many noseriders which means you can stay on the same board as the surf picks up.” – Realwater Sports

“Had this as a 9′ since 2004. Ive had many boards come and go but this is the one i never get rid of. I’ve taken it all around the world, ridden slop to pumping overhead, as a trad single or a 2+1, Western Australia to Southern Baja, and it never disappoints. Fast down the line with a Strauch 5, stable nose rides, swoops off the tail, gives me groove. RA knows exactly what he’s doing and if you’re struggling with it, keep going! I LOVE this board and still ride it 3-4 times per week.” – user Tickell on SurfScience

“I had a 9’1 Surftech WIR (wood).  I sold it to a friend, and still get to ride it occasionally. I like it  a lot, but I don’t find it an “easy” board to ride.  It has far less rocker than most modern longboards, and is not very forgiving of errors in positioning yourself when taking off – move slightly one way or the other, and you either pearl or can’t catch the wave. Having said that though, I learnt to noseride using that board, and my friend (for whom it his first longboard) loves it.” – user tim_b on Sway Locks

“Tried the WIR 9 ft woodtone yesterday for awhile. great board felt very stable and was easy to manuever. little on the heavy side but not bad. great looking board.” – user bobgalveston on SurfScience

“The Robert August What I Ride is a beauty of a longboard. The little bit more kick on the tail, and the slight spoon on the nose enhances both your turning and nose riding capacity. While the extra length will no doubt have you catching more waves on small summer swell, if you really like to longboard, this board goes in all sizes.” – Magic Seaweed

“Amazed and suprised at the maneuverability of this board. Catches everything and allows me to noseride with ease!!!” – user Jeanette on SurfScience

“The ultimate all-round longboard, the What I Ride features 60/40 rails and a nice pronounced teardrop concave under the nose keeping you locked in and under control when perched on the nose. Best in a variety of surf from 1 foot to head high, the What I Ride if a blast even when it is a little blown out. This is the longboard version of a one board quiver. Get it as a 2+1 set up and take this board out in anything.” – Boardcave

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