Pyzel Voyager 1 Review


What the Pyzel Surfboards site says about the Voyager 1:

‘For the 2017 WSL Tour, John John Florence wanted to improve on every aspect of his already world-conquering surfing. Knowing the variety of waves the pros come across on tour, Jon Pyzel started working on a new shape that would help John John in the weaker waves while still giving a performance ride.

John needed it to work in good surf, but still be able to carry more speed and flow when the waves were weaker and less curvy. Plenty of testing and fine-tuning resulted in a board that had all the right ingredients. Named by John John after the 1977 NASA interstellar explorer, “Voyager 1” gives you all the best elements of high performance surfing in everyday surf conditions and all kinds of waves.

With a flatter rocker through the entry and under the front foot to add speed, flow and drive, the tail has a touch of extra bend in the last 6 inches to make it loose and sensitive.

The Voyager 1 has a clean outline that compliments the rocker with a hip to help add a little squirt and creates a pivot point through snappy turns.

With a simple single concave through the whole bottom, the board can get on top of the water and keep speed up even in weaker surf. The fuller, soft rails help to balance out the effects of the concave and keep it from feeling to “catchy” and less likely to dig rail.’

Image Source: Pyzel Surfboards

Image Source: Pyzel Surfboards OZ

Image Source: Pyzel Surfboards OZ

Image Source: Boardcave

1-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Voyager 1 is great for high performance surfing in small – medium sized waves (2-4ft). The Voyager is John John’s latest model which he rode at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast WSL event. If you’re looking for a performance shortboard to progress your surfing to the next level this is it!” – Boardcave

“Regarding the perceived Voyager 1 nose rocker, just looking at a board lying on its belly is not going to tell us how much. To assess whether the overall nose rocker is high or low a rocker stick needs to be correctly placed at a tangent to the mid point of the board and rocker measured that way. The same nose tip rocker measurement can be yielded from different entry measurements, so one would also need to be familiar with rocker numbers say 1 foot down from the tip too. I reckon with the major manufacturers its easiest to just trust their website description.” – user manjushri on Surfer forum

“With a flat entry rocker through to a late kick in the tail, the Voyager 1 is fast and responsive. The flatter rocker means it holds speed in small weaker surf giving it flair less than ideal conditions. The pulled in tail thanks to a hip at the fins and the late exit rocker gives it hold in steeper bigger surf as well as the ability to jam it in the pocket with confidence. An overall small to mid size wave performance board is exactly what the Voyager 1 offers, especially for the punch of Yallingup/Margaret River region.” – Board Store

“Designed with help of John John Florence. This board is designed for when the waves aren’t powerful. It is flatter, with less rocker and a single concave right the way through the length of the board and a tail flick. The single concave will allow for speed and drive.” – Coastalwatch

“I’ve been riding Pyzels for 3 years. I already got a Next Step for medium montara/winter and the Stubby Bastard for sh*t -> good lindamar. Pyzels are f*cking magic carpets and I’m definitely sticking with them. Top three options are: 1) Voyager 1 for the good days/when I finally transfer into UC santa cruz. 2) Another Stubby bastard, but this time with a round tail. I got the stock tail and, although I adjusted to it, I love the feeling of a rounded tail way more for some reason. 3) Happy Twin. That sh*t just looks extraordinarily fun.” – user churchillsucks on Reddit

“It’s got some good flow.” – Ross on GQ Style

“Really lively.” – John John on GQ Style

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