Pyzel The Grunt Review

What the Pyzel Surfboards site says about The Grunt:

‘The Grunt is a small to medium wave performance shortboard.

It accelerates on take off and holds its speed through flat sections.

This board is made for loose explosive surfing in average waves around the world.

A lower rocker through the nose and tail and lots of vee running off the back which adds rocker to the outline, keeps the board fast but still easy to transition into smooth, quick turns.

The outline is slightly wider and features a hip that adds squirt and snap to this design. The Grunt is your answer to your everyday surfing needs, from beach breaks to points, to help get the most out of your daily session.

Great for all levels of surfer, order 1-2 inches shorter, same thickness and about 1/4 inch wider than your regular shortboard.’



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What people are saying about it:

Performance surfing in everyday average conditions. The Pyzel Grunt is perfect for the smaller, sloppy waves, or when you’re having trouble making sections and generating speed. The extra volume displaced through the board helps you stay high on weaker waves and plane over flat sections. This board is for explosive, high-performance surfing in average waves.” – Boardcave

Board felt amazing first surf ! Never had a board feel so good first wave. Goes great in sub-par waves less than perfect conditions from 2ft-6ft.” – user Joel on Boardcave

The Grunt was developed with JJ Florence over the 2011 WQS Tour year. It is a high performance board made for loose, explosive surfing in average waves anywhere in the world. Built with more volume than Pyzel’s other shortboards, a lower nose and tail rocker and lots of VEE off the tail make it extremely fast while allowing easy transition into smooth, quick turns.” – Surf Station

The Grunt’s design allows it to produce tons of speed on the take off which holds through to weaker, flatter sections. Developed for fast, loose surfing on average waves, the grunt is a great go-to for varying European beaches.” – Surf Dome

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