Pyzel Happy Twin Review

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What the Pyzel site says about the Happy Twin:

‘The Happy Twin is our modern take on the classic winged swallow twin fin.

Built for down the line speed and lightning fast turns, easy paddling and maximum fun.

It features a full, yet racy outline, with wide point forward (but not at all fish-y) , and a single wing right behind the front fins that creates a pivot point for snappy turns and bite.

The rocker is flatter for easy speed and lots of glide in slower surf, and the bottom design is a signature double concave within a single, blending into a pronounced Vee off the tail to ensure smooth, seamless rail to rail transitions.

The deck has a special, inset double concave shaped into the chest/front foot area that gives it that already “broken in” comfortable feeling on your very first surf. it also features an old school “beak” nose.

A rear fin box (or plug) allows for the use of a stabilizer to add some drive without taking away from the overall feeling of the twins.

The Happy Twin is a great addition to your quiver not only smaller surf, but also for a unique fast and free experience in more favorable conditions at nearly all wave types worldwide.

We recommend ordering your height or slightly under, around 1″ wider and a touch thicker than your shortboard for a slightly increased overall volume and glide.’

Image source:

Image source:

26.1 - 33.7LVolume
1-6ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Happy Twin is a modern interpretation of the classic twin fin winged swallow tail. Designed for ultra fast, down the line speed and easy paddling. The Happy Twin incorporates a full outline with the wide point pushed forward to make generating speed across flat sections a breeze. The single wing just behind the side fins creates easy turning and pivoting for reactive, fast turns. The beak nose feature, pared with the unique deck concave around the front foot gives a comfortable broken in feeling and old school aesthetics. As this board is designed for ultimate fun, we recommend ordering the board the same height or slightly under, an inch wider and a touch thicker than your everyday board.

The bottom concaves of the Happy Twin compliment the rocker by allowing the board to roam freely at nearly all wave types around the world and perform in most conditions while excelling in weaker, slow waves. Coupled with the flatter rocker design and low rails, The Happy Twin turns on a dime and will have you smiling ear to ear. The thruster fin configuration allows you to add a stabiliser for increased drive and stability while still having the overall feel of a twin fin.” – Boardcave

“Happy Twin. That sh*t just looks extraordinarily fun.” – churchillsucks on

“Beautiful shape” – zukas06 on Instagram

“Ya now ur talkin! Been doin some of these an love it” – ajw_behindthemask on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here is a video we found of the Pyzel Happy Twin:

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