O’Neill HyperFreak Review

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What O’Neill says about the HyperFreak:

‘The HyperFreak series is easily identifiable by its super-clean lines and tasteful colour blocking. Minimal panel construction = less seams which means more stretch, more flexibility and less water ingress…we make that a win, win, win situation. The range utilizes the buttery soft TechnoButter 2 and the ridiculously stretchy SuperStretch TBX neoprene. Comfort, warmth, and unrestricted movement… the awesome HyperFreak series.’

– Superstretch TBX Neoprene for Maximum Stretch
– Zipless Entry with Clinch Cord
– 360 Degree Barrier: Prevents Flushing in All Direction to Prevent Water Entering Suit
– Tape Seams
– Minimal Seamless Design for Full Body Flexibility, Warmth & Comfort
– Double Super Seal Neck that is Adjustable and Watertight

Image Source: O’Neill

What people are saying about it:

“The HyperFreak series delivers, in my opinion, the perfect balance of warmth, flex and performance. You’ll find warmer wetsuits in the line-up equipped with welded seams etc, but what you gain in warmth you sacrifice a little flexibility. This perfect blend of super-stretchy materials, a unique panel layout and GBS seams gives me and many of my surfing buddies everything we look for in a surfing wetsuit.” – Boardshop UK

“The O’Neill Hyperfreak is hands down the best value in mid-range suits and gives surfers many of O’Neill’s best features in a straight-to-the-point suit. By cutting some of the more specialized features of high-end suits, the Hyperfreak gives you everything you really want at an affordable price.” – Cleanline Surf

“I Recently purchased an o’neill 4/3 Hyperfreak.. This wetsuit is easily the most flexible suit I have ever worn feels like a 2mm.” – Jason on Boardshop UK

“Wow, i have been using wetsuits for 30 years and this is the best suit I have worn. It has taped seams so it’s warm, yet it’s so stretchy and supple it feels like you are wearing yoga pants. It feather light and does not absorb much water. Drys quick. Why not 5 stars? Being so light and supple comes at a price and that price is the durability of the outer fabric, it gets micro fabric runs and surface fuzz in wear spots. That said the weight and flexibility is so awesome I would definitely buy it again. The suit fits bigger than I’m used to. I Ussually wear men’s large or large short. This suit fits me in a medium short. Update to 5 stars after using for one year- runs in fabric are insignificant and suit has held up very well.” – Coastal Eclipse on Amazon

“Light and with great stretch, easy on and easy off. The neoprene is the best I’ve seen and provides a great fit and feels like a second skin.” – Steve on Boardshop UK

Size Chart:

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Do you own an ONeill Hyperfreak? How do you feel about it?

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