O’Neill Hammer Long Sleeve Spring Wetsuit Review

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What the O’Neill site says about the Hammer Long Sleeve Spring Wetsuit:

‘For those wanting a long sleeve spring with back zip, hammer spring is 100% super stretch neoprene.


  • Body: 100% UltraFlex DS 2mm
  • Chest/Back: Ultraflex Smooth Skin
  • Double Superseal Neck
  • #10 YKK Zipper
  • Flatloc stitched: Breathable Seams
  • Lumbar seamless design

Maximum Stretch Neoprene with Quick Dry Properties’

Image source: O’Neill

What people are saying about it:

“Providing great features at a great price, the O’Neill Hammer 2mm Long Sleeve Spring Wetsuit is the perfect choice for those of us with a budget in mind. A go to for everyday surfers, the Hammer Series has super stretchy UltraFlex Neoprene for a better fit and superior comfort. You also get the advantage of a Lumbar Seamless Design for unrestricted paddling and a Double Superseal Neck that will minimize rubbing and rash. The Hammer Wetsuit maintains exceptional styling, fit and unrestricted movement with 100% Super Stretch materials. With full arm protection and an easy back zip entry, the Hammer is an excellent option for cool to warm waters.” – Cleanline Surf

“Bought this wet suit so I could squeeze in a few more days on the lake and would say it’s a pretty good wetsuit for spring and fall days. The water temp the day we went out was around 65 and it was cold at first jumping in but warmed up pretty quickly and was fine. The air temp was about 75 and wind wasn’t an issue at all once I was up behind the boat. In cooler air temps it might be a little thin. A large fit me perfectly and was snug which it is supposed to be. I am 5’11”, weigh 178lbs., with a 31″ waist and 41″ chest if that helps. I will add that when I went wakesurfing and was in the water more it did get a little chilly but was tolerable. The wetsuit performed as expected and If you go out in colder water/weather you may want to consider a full wetsuit or drysuit but this one is great for warmer spring and fall days.” – ZRex1102 on Amazon

“I’ve been surfing a long time. Oneill has been my brand the whole time. I’ve purchased this suit several times before and for some reason the last three have had a problem with the zipper unzipping whenever I duck dive under a wave thus filling the suit with water. I thought maybe my older suits were just getting old and the zipper was loosing it’s hold, but this suit is brand new and it’s doing the same thing the last three have all done. There must be something wrong with the suit/zipper. I’ve had more than a dozen Oneill 4/3 and 3/2 full suits and never had this problem. I’ll remain brand loyal for Oneill full suits, but I’m shopping for a different brand for the back-zip spring suit from now on.” – LBsurf on Amazon

“This is a great wetsuit for 67-72 degree water. It is very stretchy and very easy to put on and take off while still keeping you warm.” – bmola on Amazon

“I am 5’10”, 150lbs, slender and my wingspan is a little more than average for my height so i could use a little more length there but i would say the fitment is according to the chart. the wetsuit is very soft, light and works great. although there is some flushing with backzips i still prefer it compared to struggling in and out of chest zips.” – alohasurftoad on Amazon

“Great for cutting the hard off-shore breezes and midday sun encountered surfing in Costa Rica. I am 5’11” and 160 pounds, large size fit perfectly, Medium-tall was too small. I recommend wearing it over an O’Neill “Ozone” hooded rash guard to protect head and eyes (hood has a visor) from sun too.” – Edward A. O’Neill on Amazon

Here is a video we found of the O’Neill Hammer Long Sleeve Spring Wetsuit:

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Ever worn an O’Neill Hammer Long Sleeve Spring Wetsuit? What was it like?

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