Neal Purchase Jnr Egg Review

What the Neal Purchase Jnr site says about the Egg:

‘The Egg is a classic double ender with a rocker inspired by 80’s boards. The volume is constant throughout and left the board with a flat deck. The rails are lying but soft. This is a very versatile board in knee to above the head height of waves. Ride it 2 + 1 and about 2 ” shorter than your normal shortboard.’

What people are saying about it:

“Love that!” – user conradcomer on Instagram

“Nice looking board mate.” – user dsparrow_1 on Instagram

“Wow that looks so good !!” – user davjane on Instagram

“I like this one.” – user ryanlovelace on Instagram

“Beautifully balanced.” – user outerislandsurfboards on Instagram

“My kinda board!! Yeww.” – user nickpumphreyphoto on Instagram

“Speed machine!” – user caju_cultura on Instagram

Size guide:

Ride about 2 ” shorter than your normal shortboard.

No videos found for this model. See how other Neal Purchase Jnr boards perform HERE

Here are Instagram pictures we found of the Neal Purchase Jnr Surfboards Egg:




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