Neal Purchase Jnr Squail Review


What the manufacturer’s site says about the Squail:

‘The perfect ride for small beachies and points. Lots of Glide and run for the bulbous, and a nice hip x tail release for the Zig Zag. She’s a screamer.’

Image Source: Neal Purchase Designs

1-3ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“It’s a great paddling and driving board that seems perfectly happy to skim and leap across the water on the strength of its concaves and width and is ready to take on any section thrown in its way.” –

“I had a small wave quartet – a squail and i loved the loose feeling from the rounded square tail – lots of fun in rubbish surf. Very fast.” – User Bman76 on

“Board is epic , almost needs a seatbelt and airbags they’re so fast!” – User 35_degrees on Instagram

Available Sizes:
Lenght : from 5’4” to 6′ +
Width : from 20”1/4 – 21″

No Video found:
See how other Neal Purchase Jnr Surfboards’ models perform in the water HERE

Here is an Instagram picture we found of the Neal Purchase Jnr Squail:

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