Neal Purchase Jnr Snubb Review


What the Neal Purchase Jnr site says about the Snubb:

‘The SNUBB model is the squash tail version of the famous 2+1 CUTTLEFISH design, good all-round boards.
The outline is wider in squash tail + the specific fins position create a board very fast and easy to surf.
mid rocker | mid-low tucked rails

Bottom shape: flat to single concave to double concave (with slight v)’

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What people are saying about it:

“Yep, they are really good. I have a “snub ” model, he puts a lot of effort into getting the board exactly right. Called me after to see what I thought.” – boardscape avalon on RealSurf Surfers’ Forum

“I just picked up a 2+1 NPJ ‘Snub’.

Been researching fins and wrote Neal. He got back to me and recommended his fins for it but also said, ‘You could go really small thruster sides and a 7.5 greenough, will take a bit of experimenting though.'” – The_El on Surfer forum

“Big thanks to Neal Purchase Jr and UWL surfboard for shaping that great custom 6’5 Single fin Snubb model. Love it!” – Romain Juchereau on

Sizes available:

Length : from 5’7 to 7′ +
Width : from 18 1/2 – 21″

No videos found for this model.

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Here are Instagram images we found of the Neal Purchase Jnr Snubb:



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