Neal Purchase Jnr Quartet Review


What the Neal Purchase Jnr Surfboards site says about the Quartet:

‘This idea came from riding twin fins for a few years and wanting a bit more drive without the track of a long based keel. It is basically a quad version of a twin fin with the larger Twin fins at the front and two smaller single foil stabilisers behind them… The synergy of those two fins working together creates a natural turning curve when pressure is applied… Best surfed in small to medium sized waves. This design generates a lot of speed!!’

Image Source: Neal Purchase Designs

What people are saying about it:

“The board I was riding throughout most of the clip is a Neal Purchase Jnr quad fin. He called it a Quartet. I cant remember exact dimensions but its around 5’7 x 19′ 1/2 x 2′ 1/4. It’s an eggy double ender with a unique cluster of fins; two big twinny-esque fins at the front and two small trailers nestled in their shadow. I’ve had a couple of these boards from Purcho now. They have all been super similar just a few slight tweaks on the bottom. I’ve had one for two years. Two full indo years and its still kicking on – amazing! It’s fuckin’ ugly looking now but it still goes nuts. Old faithful.” – Jason ‘Salsa’ Salisbury on Swellnet

“Ohhh yeah, an NPJ Quartet…I’m just getting the feel for mine, Neal certainly knows a good thing when he’s onto it. That old school down rail/new school low rail blend, flat deck and fin placement make the Quartet something unlike I’ve ever seen before, and surf like nothing else I’ve ever surfed.” – user trippergreenfeet on Swellnet

“A beautifully designed craft, Neal Purchase Jr Surfboards Quartet is a special all rounder with style. I have sought after a Neal Purchase Jr Quartet for some time and it is worth the wait.” – Benny on Compare Surfboards

“Quartet Is Superb! Picked up this board from Benny whilst on holidays in Sydney. Was chasing something with a bit more volume that was still fun to ride, and this board has surpassed all expectations. Best board I have ever owned for paddling into waves and once up and riding it is super forgiving with plenty of flow that sees me surfing in the pocket more than I ever have in my life. Would highly recommend.” – user Alexis on Compare Surfboards

“Best board I’ve owned. Snapped my old one 6 weeks ago and missed all the good swell riding others while I’m waiting for the new one. Every wave I bombed, I kept thinking, “If I had my quartet….” It took some adjustment at first. I’d been riding new tech this and that, farking around with hundreds of sets of find etc, so when I got on it, I was trying to overpower it. After a while I learnt to be less aggressive and go with the wave. It’s super fast, glides, rips out cutties like no other and rides a barrel like a dream. It also works from waist high rubbish all the way up to overhead barrels. Pricey and it’s taking 8 weeks or so for custom, but worth the wait. You won’t regret it.” – user Batoes on Realsurf

“The Quartet, good in ALL conditions, I surf faster, carve harder, and get way deeper. Ha! My knees are actually sore from the G’s goin’ thru carves. No spinning at all. After two years now of constant development, the Quartet has settled into a groove! Enough said!” – user ekim on Swaylocks

“Well NPJ is at it again! Just when you think his boards couldn’t get any better, they have with the onset of ‘The Quartet.’ It’s like the sweet pea and stringerless twini got on the good foot, did the bad thing and produced this beauty! With that mid face hold, speed, direction and performance of the quad fin Sweet Pea mixed with the alive ‘turn on a dime’ drive of the stringerless twini plus the effortless flow that all Neal’s shapes posses The Quartet is proving to be one of Neal Purchase Jr’s greatest designs yet.” – Solace

Size Chart:

Unavailable. Neal shapes all of his boards by hand.

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