Neal Purchase Jnr Lamb Chop Review


What the manufacturer’s site says about the Lamb Chop:

‘The Lamb Chop is the only twin fin in the range of Neal.
With fins handmade, this model is destined to a surf oldschool but powerly.

Perfect for small conditions, its width offer :
– On the nose a facilitate take off
– In the middle, speed easely in the closed sections
– On the tail, gives you the energy to engage long turns.’

Image Source: Neal Purchase Designs

1-3ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Love my lamb chop too!” – User lox.goldin on Instagram

“The lamb chop looks delectable.”
– User asher_pacey on Instagram

“Sexy looking board.” – User naturally_kanaka on Instagram

“Approved. Amazing surfing from @almcl last weekend.” – User surf_porn on Instagram

“I am the happy owner of this nugget, surfed it for the 1st time last weekend it works perfectly THANK YOU !!!” – User almcl on Instagram

“Cool shape!!” – User victor_v.p on Instagram

Available Sizes:

Length : from 5’6 to 6′ +

Width : from 20 1/2 – 21″

No Video found of the Neal Purchase Jnr Lamb Chop

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Here are Instagram pictures we found:


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