Neal Purchase Jnr Duo Review


What the manufacturer’s site says about the Duo:

‘The Duo is the latest creation I’ve been working on. Always being in search of the best feelings with maximum possible speed and glide, the Duo blends variables of Singles and Twin Fins, it produces a smooth deep drive unlike anything else I have ridden.

Contrary to appearances, the DUO rotates or pivots in the pocket effortlessly, squirts out of turns and maintains complete control at high speeds with no cavitation. The fins are double foil 6 1/4″ set at 7 1/2″ from the tail. The Duo prefers waves with a bit of “push”.’

1-3ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Neal Purchase Jnr DUO (dual single fin) is a super interesting board design that excels in good waves. It’s a special ride – different than anything I’ve ridden…in a good way.” – Benny at

“Took the DUO out in waist high waves and it went exactly like Neal describes in the video…can’t wait to take it on a trip and surf it in good pt. break waves. I’ve owned a ton of boards and all of Neal’s boards feel great….rails are perfect and glass job solid.” – User connor30 on

“I had a second hand duo. This was an interesting board. Again, moments of brilliance – blistering speed and incredible hold in bigger waves – but couldn’t get it to work in the daily stuff i tend to surf.” – User Bman76 on

“Love my duo. I’ve surfed it in waist high to head high beach break and it’s a blast. But recently surfed it at c st and rincon and it really lit up. it let’s me surf the way I appreciate single fin surfing but with more drive. As someone said here snakey feel. Great hold through cutbacks, comes off the bottom well, pivots off the top nice. All around great board. Probably not for everyone. For me I will use it at point breaks always and at the local beach breaks when I want to change things up.” – User nkpheous on

“I definitely enjoyed riding the DUO as it was challenging yet had a familiar feel. It kept me wanting more waves to see where I could push it to next.” – Pat on

“Oh Sweet.” – User mr_mchuge on Instagram

No available Size Chart:
Custom dimensions made to fit surfer’s preference

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