Neal Purchase Jnr Blue Chateau Review


What the manufacturer’s site says about the Blue Chateau:
‘(Wide teardrop) Single fin, low soft rails, slight vee entry, flat, spiral vee, flat behind fin. A bomb!’

What people are saying about it:

“Love it.”
– User youhadmeataloha on Instagram

“That board is beautiful!” – User craigmarksmith on Instagram

“Very nice indeed!!” – User brtthndrsn on Instagram

“This board is so so sick!!” – User olitas on Instagram

Available Sizes:
Length: from 6’4”
Width: 20 1/4 – 21”

No video found:
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And here is an Instagram picture we found of the Neal Purchase Jnr Blue Chateau:

Have you seen a Neal Purchase Jnr Blue Chateau perform in the water? Share your thoughts about it!

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