Neal Purchase Jnr Angourie Review


What the Neal Purchase Jnr site says about the Angourie:

‘The Angourie Single Fin is a high performance single. It has a flat deck, a rocker and a very homogeneous foil, with a tail lift greater than most single late 80’s inspired shortboards. The rails are box and soft. Neal adds its new “Corrugated Channels” to generate speed and grip.

The Angourie Single Fin is the most radical single from Neal, but you keep the classic slides of Neal Purchase boards. It is easy to paddle and go fast!’

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Size guide:

It is to surf about 4 ” longer than your normal shortboard, for all types of waves.

Here is a video we found of the Neal Purchase Jnr Surfboards Angourie:

And here are Instagram pictures we found:


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