Nation Chub Review


What the Nation Surfboards site says about the Chub:

‘This board is like cheating. Almost a hovercraft. Don’t go to the Gym. Drink more beer. Get a Chub.’

Width: WIDE
Volume: FAT
Rocker: LOW
Fins: QUAD or 5 OPTION

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What people are saying about it:

“The Chub is designed to be a very easy board to ride. Shorter, wider and thicker, this board excels at paddling, and with the inverse Vee running the length of the board, transitions from rail to rail with ease.

Best for smaller marginal days when you would otherwise go home. With the wider outline and short stubby design, the Chub is an extremely fun board to ride in anything from 1 to 4 foot.” – Boardcave

“this would be rad as a 5 fin.” – bradjtremble on Instagram

“want this in a single fin” – roastchestnuts on Instagram

“just bought one off Craigslist from your buddy Danny. Scored some great waves on it!” – tim_sachs on Instagram

“that thing is the easiest piece of shit I’ve ever surfed…” – letspartytraction on Instagram

Size Chart:

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Here are Instagram photos we found of Nation Surfboard’s Chub :




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