Nation Cool Story Review

What the Nation Surfboards site says about the Cool Story:

‘”I was wondering if Nation will sponsor me? I have 15K followers on Insta, I just got first place at ninth street NSSA, my dad coaches me and is friends with Dino, my last edit went viral, my girlfriend models bikinis for Slaters chick, I really think I could blow up your company!” COOL STORY BRO! This is it, we do make these types of sleds….ask some of the hottest dudes at San Clemente High School. Single to double concave, low volume, full on rip stick. I dare you bro. Allow up to 6 weeks delivery, pick your boxes. Go ahead, go shred.’

Length: PRO (ISH)
Volume: LOW
Rocker: PRO

Image Source: Nation Manufacturing

Image Source: Nation Manufacturing

Image Source: Nation Manufacturing

Image Source: Nation Surfboards

Image Source: Santa Cruz Waves

What people are saying about it:

“The Cool Story is a performance board to the core. It’s Slender outline, pulled in squash tail, low rocker and deep dish single keeps this board fast yet loose for the more experienced surfer. A wide range of conditions and waves, the Cool Story will work great in waves ranging from 2 foot up to 7 foot or so. Beach breaks or point breaks, if you are on the high end of intermediate or experienced, you will love the Cool Story.” – Boardcave

“In West Oz, you definitely want to bring a step up like the Black Angel by Emery, standard shorty like the Cool Story by Nation, and a board for the smaller days, but beefed up a bit and on the performance side of hybrid like the Synthetic Sally by Panda Surfboards.” – Surfers Village

“Great outline!” – user gbeenie on Instagram

“Sweet looking stick.” – user hartman_riviera on Instagram

“I love the lines of this board!” – user _valelapena_ on Instagram

“WOW. HOTTEST STICK YET!” – user tsledd on Instagram

Size Chart:

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