Mt Woodgee Single Fins Review


What the Mt Woodgee site says about the Single Fins:

‘There is growing interest in these and due to this, we have pulled some of our 1970’s built single fins out of the rafters to create some replicas with a few added refinements. Single fins are great for revisiting the basics of surfing. Riding one can help smooth out style and improve flow.’

Image Source: Mt Woodgee Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“That is bloody nice. Single fins are just classic. I just got a new one.” – user Tony Crowley on Facebook

“Rad.” – user Jason O’Loughlin on Facebook

“I want one badly.” – user Zachary Bergholcs on Facebook

“B E A utiful!” – user Lucas Van Boven on Facebook

“Oooooooo. NICE :)” – user Kerri Morehu on Facebook

“Sick…..” – user Jane Seidl on Facebook

“Yumm!! :D” – user Daniel Parry on Facebook

“From the mountain comes new treasure – sweet ride.” – user Peter Metcher on Facebook

Size Chart:

Here are videos we found of the Mt Woodgee Surfboards Single Fins:

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