Morning of the Earth Tracks Twinny Review

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What the shaper says about the Tracks Twinny:

‘With all my work I try to merge practical design elements of the past with aspects of contemporary design. With this blend, I try to create boards with a natural speed of their own that don’t require check turns to link maneuvers. Boards that enter early into waves, and have some extra glide speed are a beautiful thing to watch, and they enhance the overall experience. Torren and I have spent the last two years developing this range of Twinnys. We started with the standard Tracks Twinny, which has the greater amount of design elements from earlier twins. We have since played with tail shapes, channels, and rail volumes. Most of these have been in the 5’7″ 5’8″ range through to 6’plus. To keep it interesting we are now playing around the 7’10” range.’

Image Source: Tracks

Image Source: Morning of the Earth

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What people are saying about it:

“Before I rode the MOTE, I was almost nervous because I felt my inexperience with surfing alternate boards wasn’t going to match its design. From my very first wave, those feelings were put to bed. It felt lightning quick down the line, and I was able to put it on rail and drive through a range of top turns effortlessly. Once I made a few subtle adjustments with feet placement and found the sweet spot, it responded much better. It’s one of those boards where no matter the size and shape of the wave, you know it will generate speed and flow through sections without any stickiness. I didn’t have to sit and wait for a set, I was more than happy to pick off an inside runner, which made the surf really enjoyable and relaxed. It held well through carves and cutbacks, and if the wave did steepen up, you could throw a turn in the pocket and accelerate out with momentum to set up the next turn. Paddled amazing, the extra volume throughout helped it bulldoze into waves. It enjoyed the barrel too. Once it set its line, it didn’t seem to slide during stalling or contact with the foam ball. An awesome board for any lovers of surfing.” – Brett on Tracks Mag

“I took that board, along with three thrusters, and I ended up riding the twinny the whole time. I couldn’t even believe it. I originally got it as a fun, novelty-type board, but it worked in all sorts of waves over there. I had brand-new thrusters and I didn’t even want to ride them. It was such a free, fast feeling. It challenged me. I don’t want to say that I ever got burnt out on shortboarding, but it was really refreshing to ride something new.” – Torren Martyn on SURFER

“That Tracks Twinny looks so nice!” – user grownsurfboards on Instagram

Sample Size Available:
6’1 X 191/2 X 21/2 – 31 L

During a surf trip in the Maldives, we had a chance to chat about the MOTE Tracks Twinny with a pro surfer from Namibia and he’s saying the board is “plenty fun” to ride and more.

BlinkSurf: OK, this is a board review notes from Dylan, professional surfer, sponsored shredder.

How tall are you? And how heavy are you?

Dylan: I’m about 65 kilograms and one meter and 81 centimeters.

BlinkSurf: OK. So, you just took the Morning of the Earth Tracks Twinny step-up channel bottom round-tail twin fin with futures Encinitas fins for a go. It was probably one to two feet.

Dylan: 3-4 foot sets.

First impressions

BlinkSurf: Yeah, what were your first impressions when you got on the board because you normally ride a performance board? You ride Rusty boards and this is a little different style, I suppose, to some of your boards.

Dylan: Well, the main thing that I really digged about the board is that it kind of keeps its line in the wave so it’s super smooth on the open face and it can draw nice and clean lines. But as soon as you want to get pretty more progressive and maybe do off the top or slide the tail out a bit, it kind of loses its control so I wouldn’t say it’s really ideal for that. But for anything going down the line, I got a couple rail of grabs today. It’s super clean, super smooth and it doesn’t really hold you. It doesn’t really keep you back anyway when you’re trying to rail-grab or stay in the pocket of the wave.

On the Track Twinny’s speed

BlinkSurf: So, how fast would you describe it in terms of the spectrum of a fast board or a slow board because it wasn’t really designed as a speed generating board? It’s more of a very subtle concave into the vee channel bottom so it’s more of a control-in-big-conditions board.

Dylan: Well, the channels I quite liked it but, obviously, today, the waves we surfed today, they have a bit of a chop on them because of the wind but I can imagine, you know, it’s like all about where you position yourself on the wave with the board. As soon as you’re in the pocket, it doesn’t push you too far away from the pocket. It keeps you in that sweet spot where you want to be in the wave. But I reckon as soon as you get a nice hollow wave that goes down the line, it can generate a lot of speed if you wanted to. But if you’re just sitting tight in the pocket, the board allows you to stay where you want to be in the wave.

BlinkSurf: And how did you notice that it’s got slightly wider nose than performance boards? Did you move up and down the board or did you manage to stay in the same spot?

Dylan: When I was doing some rail grabbing, I was moving a bit more forward in the board just to kind of when you hit the pocket, you want to move, shift your weight a bit more forward because like you said, it doesn’t really generate a lot of speed especially if you’re not pumping.

So when I was rail grabbing, I was kind of shifting my feet up an extra foot or so forward but otherwise, I like the wide nose. It kind of gives you more paddle power, get in the wave quicker and yeah, it’s fun moving around on the board.

BlinkSurf: Did you feel like it had enough nose rocker not to dig in when you’re going down the face?

Dylan: Sometimes. I got a couple of waves where I was like doing a, tried for off the top or something or like a lip line floater, and on your way down, I kind of noticed I have to like position a bit more of my weight on the tail because the first couple of times I’ll just go straight down and nosedive. I reckon it’s like quite ideal, you know. It just takes a while to get used to.

Smooth rails and grip power

BlinkSurf: And you mentioned something about the rails feeling a little bit different?

Dylan: I’ve said they’re not like, you know, most of your performance boards have super harsh rails.

BlinkSurf: Yes. Those down hard rails for speed.

Dylan: Exactly. This board is super smooth, you know. Like for me, the only way to explain is like your surfboard is a knife and you’re just slicing through butter. It’s super clean, super smooth but like I said before as soon as you want to do sharp, you know, top to bottom turn, your board can kind of slide out.

BlinkSurf: They’ve softer rails, definitely in the front and in the middle. It only gets a bit of bite on the tail.

Dylan: I think it’s ideal for joining like smooth lines, clean smooth lines, styling it out a bit. Nothing magical, just looking cool.

BlinkSurf: And did you feel like it had enough hold when you’re taking off with the fins that it had in it?

Dylan: Oh, it’s perfect!

BlinkSurf: Plenty of grip?

Dylan: Yeah, plenty.

Overall experience

BlinkSurf: So, your overall summary of the Morning of the Earth Tracks Twinny step-up?

Dylan: Plenty fun.

BlinkSurf: Thanks Dylan.

Dylan: Hey, no problem!

Here are videos of the Morning of the Earth Tracks Twinny in action:

And here are images we found on Instagram:

Do you own a Morning of the Earth Tracks Twinny? How does it surf?

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