Morning of the Earth Three Fin Channel Review

What the Morning of the Earth Surfboards site says about the Three Fin Channel:

5’10” to 7’6″ familiar glide of a single…..more drive to the glide…..Similar foil and foam as the singles but more refined…..slightly more tail zzzooop…..

What people are saying about it:

“This board rides great….loads of drive and flies in good surf. It’s a real wave magnet and paddles great.” – Sarah Penny on Facebook

“If I hadn’t just bough a new board I’d likely have this.” – Richie Inskip on Facebook

“Oh man would love this.” – Jon Kennard on Facebook

“I can never bring myself to take it out as I’m scared I’ll smash it up (if you saw how I surf you’d see why).” – Tom Crowe on Facebook

Size chart:

5’10” to 7’6″

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Here is an Instagram picture we found of the Morning of the Earth Three Fin Channel:

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