Morning of the Earth TC Channel Review

What the Morning of the Earth Surfboards site says about the TC Channel:

This board first came about from the early filming of “Spirit of Akasha”. As a single fin it has modern elements that allow contemporary lines but tests your finesse at position on the wave face and finding the fall line.

Image Source: Tracks Mag

What people are saying about it:

“This board looked like an absolute rip-snorter and it was. It went really, really fast. Super quick off the mark – didn’t have to pump at all. I think the deep channels gave it some squirt. I rode it as a twinnie with a smaller centre stabiliser. For the old school outline and design it was able to turn like any other high performance surfboard. Held its line really well off the bottom with plenty of drive. Felt really smooth. And held in great through turns. Good for laybacks and front side hacks. Super for highlining. Definitely suited for cleaner, smooth waves. The flatness of the rocker made it paddle really well, super easy to get onto waves. A really fun enjoyable board to surf.” – tester on Tracks

“That is absolutely beautiful.” – Jamie Baker on Facebook

“Beautiful, simon.” – Paul Mcneil on Facebook

“So good. I can’t wait to get my hands on it simon!” – Kieren Haddow on Facebook

“Love it Simon.” – Karen Lowe on Facebook

Sample dimensions:

5’5 x 18 1/4 x 2 3/16

Here is a video we found of the Morning of the Earth TC Channel:

Here are Instagram pictures we found:

What’s your experience been of the Morning of the Earth TC Channel? We’d like to hear it!

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