Misfit Shapes Suspended Particle Review


What the Misfit Shapes site says about the Suspended Particle:

‘The “SUSPENDED PARTICLE” is our exciting new shortboard designed for flowing, top to bottom progressive surfing in every day 2-6ft conditions. It is also the current go-to comp board for Otis Carey and his recent contest success.

The board has a continuous rocker for linked rail to rail surfing, with a medium entry curve, which allows for of ease paddle into waves. The tail rocker is lowered which encourages drive off the bottom and the rail shape is mid/low, again aiding in drive but still being forgiving in smaller conditions.

The board has a single concave through the entry that flattens the curve and lifts the nose, which again allows for ease of paddle into waves. This concave then increases to a deeper single concave under the front foot, which gives the board lift and drive, then running into a single/double concave through the fins with a lot of vee through the back fin allowing water to displace quickly and the board to turn tighter and quicker, but under control again because of the flatness running out through the tail rocker.

The nose outline has increased width compared to our other conventional shortboard outlines, which gives more surface and planning area, and allows the surfer to carry across fat sections of the wave with ease and stability. This nose width, coupled with a tight, old favourite “squash” tail makes the outline curvy for high maneuverability in the pocket. This board is the ultimate ‘party in the front and business at the back,’ she’s super directional, responsive and holds tight when pushed hard.’


Image Source: MisfitShapes on Facebook


Image Source: MisfitShapes on Facebook


Image Source: MisfitShapes on Facebook

What people are saying about it:

“A competition ready, high performance shortboard for progressive surfing in everyday, average conditions. Otis Carey’s ‘go to’ high performance shortboard, the Misfit Surfboards Suspended Particle features a flowing, continuous rocker with a relaxed, medium entry rocker and a lower exit tail rocker for enhanced drive.” – Benny’s Boardroom

“The Misfit Suspended Particle is designed for forgiving high performance surfing with foam in all the right places for an easier paddle but still tight performance surfing in the pocket of the wave. The Suspended Particle is highly responsive with plenty of drive for power surfing on the face of the wave.” – Boardcave

“Seems to go well in nearly all conditions over 2 foot. It took a couple sessions to get used to and now love it. You can push really hard and still holds tight. Plenty of drive, and paddles really good for a short board. Loves being put on rail. I ordered a 6’1 and I’m almost 6’4 and it’s perfect size for me. Glass job (4x4x4) is holding up real good even with 95 kg’s bouncing around on it. Great board even for the waves in vic.” – user Ben on Boardcave

“If i had a surfboard this would be it.” – user mattshrip on Instagram

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