McTavish Stepdeck Review


What the McTavish Surfboards site says about the Stepdeck:

‘A real sleeper in our line-up. The Stepdeck takes the Tracker and boosts it into the modern era. The most beautiful template on a mid-length, the Stepdeck carries a pure flat bottom throughout then a tiny vee in the tail corners, allowing sweet banking and bottom turns, forward trim speed, and fast cutbacks. Why the step down on the deck nose? To reduce weight up front. That enhances rapid turn reaction, altering the feel to much more modern-progressive. That easy versatility. Just very friendly wave riding under a huge range of conditions. Ride it off the tail and let her rip.’

Image Source: McTavish Surfboards

Image Source: Surf Tubes

What people are saying about it:

“The mod mid-length, our Stepdeck model is sleek and fast, with full rails, a flattish rocker profile, and a stepped deck to remove some of the weight out of the nose. This classic template with a slight vee really shines off the tail, where it’ll deliver banking turns, as well as run fast down the line, up and down the face, all day long. This board isn’t built to noseride (although you’ll get a cheeky one in if you set the rail right) – but drives from the centre point or the off the tail, and is agile in anything from 2-3 foot peelers to overhead conditions. A modern day Carver replacement, or a simple travel board for single fin fans.” – Surf Tubes

“Sweeeet board. Love that shape.” – Daniel Johnston on Facebook

“I need this in my life!” – user haylsmears on Instagram

“Dreamboard.” – user jellebenjaminwiersma on Instagram

Sizes available:

8’2” – 8’10”

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Here is an Instagram picture we found of the McTavish Stepdeck:

What’s your experience been of the McTavish Stepdeck? We’d like to hear it!

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