McTavish Pinnacle Review

What the McTavish Surfboards site says about the Pinnacle:

‘The small wave master, the Pinnacle is a loggy-style full template pintail with an edge in the back end. It loves a small walled-up wave where trim speed and faster pivoting turns are needed – hence the edge in the tail. The straightest template in our entire range supplies the powerful trim-speed, while the wide pintail supplies the pivot and tail-drag when on the tip. Enhanced with great cut-lap tint glassing and often with multiple stringers, the Pinnacle is the Pinnacle of Pintails!’

Image Source: McTavish Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Awesome board. Go buy it.” – user chrispy on SeaBreeze

“Yes buy it, one beautiful ride I’ve owned 3 or 4 taken one to Hawaii and they are just so so nice to ride.” – user Macaha on SeaBreeze

“The Pinnacle is a super versatile log which sits right in the retro log category.” – Down The Line Surf

“It is a pintail with a sharp rail in tail. For someone who’s looking for logger style board but a little easier to drive. Not a board for log comps though.” – user toby on Ocean Style Longboards

“This is a supreme board, the mctavish pinnacle, with soft rails rode it aii weekend in 1 to 2 foot waves.” – user raygleave59 on Instagram

“Taken it out once, was bit small to get a good feel for it. hopefully get it out this weekend again!” – user chris_purchase_ on Instagram

Sizes available:

9’3” – 10’2”

No videos found for this model
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Here are Instagram pictures we found of the McTavish Pinnacle:


Ever caught waves on the McTavish Pinnacle? Share your thoughts below.

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