McTavish Fireball Squaretail Review


What the McTavish website says about the Fireball Squaretail:

‘The Fireball Squaretail is more than just popping a square on to the Fireball Evo 2 tail. The total package turns the Evo 2 into a timeless all-rounder, not too high performance, not too classic, just one sweet reliable daily rider, the perfect workhorse. The Fireball Squaretail will handle everything thrown at it, from dribbly little slop to a clean six-foot day at a sucking reef or point. Good paddling, easy wave catching, no-wobble cross-stepping, nose riding, great turning, fast trimming… It’s got the lot!’

Image Source: McTavish Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Great board.” – Kenneth on Surf Science

“This model has a more relaxed rocker and parallel rail, better suited to nose riding and a more mellow style of surfing, will still RIP off the tail in the right hands. ;)” – The Board Barn

Available Length:
9’0” – 10’2”

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And here are pictures we found of the McTavish Fireball Squaretail from Instagram:

Have you ever surfed a McTavish Fireball Squaretail? Let us know how it went.

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