Maurice Cole Red Dingo Review


What the Maurice Cole website says about the Red Dingo:

‘The crowd crusher.

This is my answer to the Mini Longboard/Mal, very high-performance board from 6’8″ – 9’6″, single concave hard edges, comes as a 5 fin, to be ridden as thruster or quad and out performs the 2+1 or single… I surf this board a lot as it’s so easy to paddle and a crowd crusher.’

Image Source: REAL Watersports

What people are saying about it:

“This board over delivers and takes the “funboard” stigma off of this size category. If anything, think of it as a ‘funner board’. Or as John Graham puts it, ‘it’s a fun board, not a funboard’.

The Red Dingo excels in a wide range of surf conditions from small and mushy to head high plus and barreling. It’s easy and fast to paddle, still small enough to duck dive with the right technique, and gets you into more waves than your shortboard.” – REAL Watersports

Size Chart:

Here are videos of the Maurice Cole Red Dingo:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

Ever caught a wave with the Maurice Cole Red Dingo? How was your experience?

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