Maurice Cole Asymmetric Review


What the Maurice Cole website says about the Asymmetric:

‘From surfers that have used the MC Protow or other boards with a single, deep concave, the Asymmetrical is for you. The Asymmetrical allows you to surf solid waves on a much shorter board due to its thickness and width, which is hidden by the concave of the bottom.

The rail of the Asymmetric is a lot more drawn out, which gives you the feeling of riding a “step-up shortboard” (except without all the un-wanted foam) this allows the board to hold your line and really drive thru your bottom turn, whilst maintain position in the critical section of the wave and releasing you straight up to the lip. Once you transfer your weight off the top, you can whip the board into a much tighter arc. The increased width and squashed tail on the outside rail acts like a “fishier surfboard” which give the board a quick release of the tail whilst maintaining your speed into the next section.

The sensation of riding the Asymmetric Model is very unique and allows you to really experiment with the lines you normally draw on a wave. It’s all about looking down the line!

Designed for Waves 1 – 8ft.’

Image Source: Zak Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“MC has an asymmetric model, creatively named the ‘Asymmetrical’. Curiously that board doesn’t share many traits with ‘typical’ asymmetrics. For one, the rail length looks the same, or very close to it, on either side. Clearly, there’s a volume difference, the nose being wider on one side, so it would ride different from heel side to toe side.” – Stunet on Swellnet Forum

“The rail that you bottom turn off is much longer and straighter to give you projection and speed down the line. The rail you then lean onto for cutbacks & off the tops is shorter and curvier resulting in quicker, tighter arcs – like surfing a much shorter board.” – Zak Surfboards

Size Chart:

Custom sizes available.

Here are videos we found of the Maurice Cole Asymmetric:

Here’s a picture we found on Instagram:

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