Mark Richards Super Twin Review


What Mark Richards Surfboards website says about the Super Twin:
‘The Super Twin is the most popular and versatile model in my range. It is my ultimate small wave high-performance board and is the model I choose to ride most of the time. It is fast, loose and really easy to turn.


  • a single to double concave bottom for speed;
  • a wider template with more nose area for floatation and paddling power;
  • the original winged swallow tail from my retro twin fins.

The fin set-up for the Super Twin is FCS MR TF Glassflex twin fins with a small rear stabilizer. The board can be ridden with one of three fin configurations:

  1. as a twin fin only;
  2. as a twin fin with a small rear stabiliser;
  3. as a twin fin with a larger stabiliser eg. FCS M2 for bigger surf.

This board performs like a faster, looser thruster; it’s tons of fun in surf from 1 to 6 feet. Kelly Slater, Martin Potter, Luke Egan, Julian Wilson, Tom Carroll, Titus Kinimaka, Brian Keaulana and Sunny Garcia all have MR Super Twins in their board quivers.’

Image Source: Mark Richards Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

Fantastic all-rounder board. Super stable and floaty, will catch pretty much anything from tiny mush to 6ft chargers. Not as maneuverable as your standard thruster but flies through sections and is a perfect board for those transitioning from a mal to a shortboard or for someone wanting a single board for multiple conditions. – user James on

I find it hard to Paddle, i don’t know wether its because of the board or if i’m not paddling hard enough but i find it easier just push off of the board then actually paddling to catch a wave. It has excellent speed. Catching the waves is the hardest part, although i am able to catch maybe 3 waves in a set standing up and moving around is great though. – user Tahni on

Size Available:
The size range is from 5’8″ up to 7’6″.

Here are videos we found of Mark Richards’ Super Twin:

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